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When I was a young girl I found great pleasure by surrounding myself with art. Every square inch of my walls were filled with my sketches and paintings and I found it to be the most peaceful place on earth. I’d spend countless hours in my room creating and when I wasn’t at home, I’d have my sketchbook and pencils everywhere I went.

My journey with art began while watching Disney and Warner Bros cartoons on the television every Saturday morning. I’d tune in to my favourite cartoon and when it was over, I’d hurry to my room and sketch out the characters I’d seen on the screen.

As time went on, I discovered that I particularly enjoyed working with acrylic paint and took every opportunity to develop my skills. I attended extended art classes in high school and after graduation, took an art course at Fanshawe College where I focused on portrait painting. In 2018, I became aware that I was especially drawn to abstract art and decided to further pursue and prioritize this art form in my studio. I was particularly drawn to abstract art because it can be interpreted in so many ways. What I see when I look at an image is formed by my opinions and experiences, just the same as you. The beauty that a piece of art can bring forth so many different emotions, is exciting and intriguing! I love to hear how people feel when they look at an image because it teaches me a little about their world.

Today, I draw inspiration from nature and modern décor though I love to challenge myself to think outside the box. My passion is not only creating custom art but to help you have the beautiful space in your home you always dreamed of. I want to help you choose the right colours that fit your personal view of what your home or business should be and I would love the opportunity to create the perfect piece meant just for your space! One that brings you the peace that I feel when I create.

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